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Numerical analysis of transparency limitations in optical core networks and verification by experiment

: Freund, R.; Caspar, C.; Foisel, H.-M.; Hanik, N.; Reimer, W.; Strebel, B.; Weinert, C.M.

Faulkner, D.W.:
Technology and infrastructure : Proceedings of the European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications, NOC '98
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1998
ISBN: 90-5199-402-8
ISBN: 4-274-90226-9
ISBN: 3-905084-52-X
European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications (NOC) <1998, Manchester>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cad; digital simulation; numerical analysis; optical fibre networks; optical testing; programming environments; telecommunication computing; transparency limitations; optical core networks; cad realization; verification; photonic networks; programming environment; simulation; fiber loop measurements; transmitter chirp; fiber dispersion; fiber nonlinearity; amplifier noise

We present a CAD realization for the physical layer of photonic networks based on a programming environment for complex development and simulation tasks. Verification of the numerical methods by fiber loop measurements shows that modeling has to be done in close connection with measurements of the relevant parameters of the separate network components. Simulation results of network-limiting effects (e.g., transmitter chirp, fiber dispersion and nonlinearity, amplifier noise) are presented in comparison with experimental measurements.