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Analysis and compression of pulses emitted from an all-optical clock recovery module

: Sartorius, B.; Bornholdt, C.; Brox, O.; Mohrle, M.; Brindel, P.; Leclerc, O.; Desurvire, E.


Electronics Letters 34 (1998), No.24, pp.2344-5
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
distributed feedback lasers; optical fibre communication; optical fibre dispersion; optical information processing; optical pulse compression; streak cameras; synchronisation; pulse compression; all-optical clock recovery module; self-pulsating dfb laser; streak camera; negative dispersion; initial pulse width; extinction ratio; optical signal processing; 15 ps

The pulses emitted from an all-optical clock recovery module based on a self-pulsating DFB laser are analysed using a streak camera. Pulse compression using fibres with negative dispersion is investigated. The initial pulse width of 28 ps is compressed to 15 ps applying a dispersion of -59 ps/nm. The extinction ratio of the clock pulses is better than 15 dB.