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Integrating sphere diffuser for wireless infrared communication

: Pohl, V.; Jungnickel, V.; Hentges, R.; Helmolt, C. von

IEE Electronics and Communications Division:
Optical wireless communications : Colloquium, Tuesday, 22 June 1999, IEE, London
London: IEE, 1999 (IEE digest 99, 128)
Colloquium "Optical Wireless Communications" <1999, London>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
optical elements; optical loss; optical transmitter; ray tracing; integrating-sphere diffuser; wireless infrared communication; infrared network; insertion loss; transfer function; far-field light distribution; random walk ray tracing model; spectralon(r) diffuser; ir transmitter; efficiency; cut-off frequency; nearly lambertian intensity distribution; homogeneous far field; 155 mbit/s; 86 percent; 570 mhz

The application of an integrating sphere (IS) as a diffuser in a wireless infrared network is investigated. In order to obtain realistic data for the insertion loss, the transfer function and the far field light distribution, a random walk ray tracing model is used. As an example, a Spectralon(R) diffuser for a 155 Mbit/s 16-PPM IR transmitter is designed having a total efficiency of 86%, a cut-off frequency of 570 MHz and a nearly Lambertian intensity distribution. An additional target is used to create a more homogeneous far field without significant changes of the efficiency and the cut-off frequency.