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Bit rate and pulse width dependence of four-wave mixing of short optical pulses in semiconductor optical amplifiers

: Diez, S.; Mecozzi, A.; Mork, J.


Optics Letters 24 (1999), No.23, pp.1675-7
ISSN: 0146-9592
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
error statistics; laser beams; laser noise; multiwave mixing; optical pulse generation; optical saturation; semiconductor optical amplifiers; superradiance; bit rate; pulse width dependence; four-wave mixing; short optical pulses; saturation properties; gain; optical amplifier; conversion efficiency; signal-to-background ratio; pulse width; amplifier gain; dynamics; amplified spontaneous emission; noise

We investigate the saturation properties of four-wave mixing of short optical pulses in a semiconductor optical amplifier. By varying the gain of the optical amplifier, we find a strong dependence of both conversion efficiency and signal-to-background ratio on pulse width, and bit rate. In particular, the signal-to-background ratio can be optimized for a specific amplifier gain. This behavior, which is coherently described in experiment and theory, is attributed to the dynamics of the amplified spontaneous emission, which is the main source of noise in a semiconductor optical amplifier.