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On the bit error rate for the uplink of CDMA cellular systems with smart antennas

: Boche, H.

Journal of electrical engineering 50 (1999), No.9-10, pp.298-301
ISSN: 1335-3632
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
adaptive antenna arrays; antenna radiation patterns; cellular radio; code division multiple access; directive antennas; error statistics; interference suppression; radio links; radiofrequency interference; bit error rate; uplink; cdma cellular systems; smart antennas; directivity; beampattern; mobile communications systems; asymptotic behavior; ber; interference reduction

The influence of the directivity of the beampattern of smart antennas on the bit error rate for the uplink of CDMA (code division multiple access) based mobile communications systems is investigated. We use Liberti's and Rappaport's (1994) model for the bit error rate. The asymptotic behavior of the bit error rate as a function of the directivity of the beam pattern is also given.