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Clean environment and equipment for precision assembly

Presentation held at Micronarc Alpine Meeting, mAm 2010, 20-22 January 2010, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
: Bürger, Frank; Gommel, Udo

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2010, 24 Folien
Micronarc Alpine Meeting (MAM) <2010, Villars-sur-Ollon>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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precision assembly; Reinraumtauglichkeit; cleanroom technology; Cleanliness Specification; Electrostatic Discharge ESD; Cleanroom suitable materials (CSM); Reinraum

Microsystems are inside a high variety of industrial applications. Due to the small dimensions and because of the sensitivity of microsystems during the production process a clean production environment is necessary. Therefore sophisticated clean production equipment in combination with cleanroom technology is required to fulfill the needs of precision assembly, micro mechanic, microoptics, micro fluidic. The relevant factors to be considered: Air flow design (simulation and visualization), avoiding contamination by usage of appropriate materials: Low contamination patterns regarding particle generation, minimal outgassing behaviour and ESD-properties Cleanable, chemical resistant and sterilizable surfaces contaminations.