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g factors of coexisting isomeric states in 188Pb

: Ionescu-Bujor, M.; Iordachescu, A.; Ur, C.A.; Marginean, N.; Suliman, G.; Bucurescu, D.; Brandolini, F.; Della Vedova, F.; Chmel, S.; Lenzi, S.M.; Marginean, R.; Medina, N.H.; Napoli, D.R.; Pavan, P.; Ribas, R.V.


Physical Review. C 81 (2010), No.2, Art. 024323, 5 pp.
ISSN: 0556-2813
Journal Article
Fraunhofer INT ()

The g factors of the 12+, 11-, and 8- isomeric states in 188Pb were measured using the time-differential perturbed angular distribution method as g(12+)=-0.179(6), g(11-)=+1.03(3), and g(8-)=-0.037(7). The g factor of the 12+ state follows the observed slight down-sloping evolution of the g factors of the i13/22 neutron spherical states with decreasing N. The g factors of the 11- and 8- isomers proposed as oblate and prolate deformed states, respectively, were interpreted within the rotational model, using calculated and empirical g factor values for the involved single-particle orbitals.