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NNodeTree: A scalable peer-to-peer live streaming overlay architecture for next-generation-networks

: Müller, J.; Magedanz, T.; Fiedler, J.

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Created on: 27.4.2010

Network Protocols and Algorithms 1 (2009), No.2, pp.61-84
ISSN: 1943-3581
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
P2P; tree overlay; scalability; live streaming; IMS; NGN

The rapid evolution of the telecommunication domain increases the performance of different access networks continuously. New services, especially in the domain multimedia content distribution, require higher and higher bandwidth at the users and service providers side [1]. Multimedia services like Video on Demand, IPTV and live streaming were introduced in the past and are still improved in quality and quantity. Multimedia streams and Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing dominates the worldwide Internet traffic nowadays and will continue further. The user acceptance of enjoying multimedia content over the Internet will grow steadily together with the increasing quality of the available multimedia content. Network operators and service providers have to face the growths, by either increasing their service platform with higher performance and bandwidth or introducing a scalable solution. We present the design and implementation of a scalable Peer-to-Peer live streaming overlay architecture for Next-Generation-Networks (NGN) in this paper that addresses this challenge.