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International scientific laboratory for laser-optical diagnostics in serve for nondestructive materials testing

: Belyi, V.; Kazak, N.; Khilo, N.; Kröning, M.; Schreiber, J.

MP materials testing 51 (2009), No.10, pp.626-641
ISSN: 0025-5300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
nondestructive testing; beam; material characterization; optical diagnostic; surface state; thermal diffusion

The latest achievements developed by the ISL-LOD in the area of elaborating and application of novel optical methods for nondestructive testing and material characterization are discussed. A special attention is given to the application of quasi-nondiffracting Bessel light beams for: i) conical beam-based profilometry for characterization of cylindrical machinery parts; ii) Stokes polarimetry based on super-Gaussian and Bessel beams; iii) Bessel beam-based interferom-etry; iv); quasi-nondiffracting speckle-photometry for remote sensing. Also the description is given of a new thermo-optical method for measurement of thermal diffusion coefficient and hardness of metal and alloys. Finally, a novel method for surface state evaluation based on three dimensional scatterometry technique is described.