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Athermal all-polymer arrayed-waveguide grating multiplexer

: Keil, N.; Yao, H.H.; Zawadzki, C.; Bauer, J.; Bauer, M.; Dreyer, C.; Schneider, J.


Electronics Letters 37 (2001), No.9, pp.579-580
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
Fraunhofer IZM, Einrichtung Polymermaterialien und Composite ( Fraunhofer EPC) ()
diffraction gratings; integrated optics; multiplexing equipment; optical arrays; optical communication equipment; optical fabrication; optical polymers; optical waveguides; thermal expansion; athermal all-polymer arrayed-waveguide grating multiplexer; all-polymer approach; all-polymer awg; polymer waveguides fabrication; polymer substrate; thermal expansion coefficient; polarisation-independent awg devices; wavelength shift; 25 to 65 c

An athermal arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) multiplexer relying on an all-polymer approach is reported. The all-polymer AWG consisting of polymer waveguides fabricated on a polymer substrate exhibits excellent performance. By properly adjusting the coefficient of thermal expansion of the polymer substrate, athermal and polarisation-independent AWG devices featuring a wavelength shift of less than +or-0.05 nm in the 25-65 degrees C temperature range could be demonstrated.