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Time domain characteristics of electrical measures for a piezoelectric thin film to identify defects in the substrate

: Ali, R.; Mahapatra, D.R.; Gopalakrishnan, S.


Structural health monitoring 9 (2010), No.2, pp.173-192
ISSN: 1475-9217
ISSN: 1741-3168
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
crack; delamination; diagnostic; electro-mechaical model; lamb wave; piezoelectric; thin film

A reduced 3D continuum model of dynamic piezoelectricity in a thin-film surface-bonded to the substrate/host is presented in this article. While employing large area flexible thin piezoelectric films for novel applications in device/diagnostics, the feasibility of the proposed model in sensing the surface and/or sub-surface defects is demonstrated through simulations - which involve metallic beams with cracks and composite beam with delaminations of various sizes. We have introduced a set of electrical measures to capture the severity of the damage in the existing structures. Characteristics of these electrical measures in terms of the potential difference and its spatial gradients are illustrated in the time domain. Sensitivity studies of the proposed measures in terms of the defected areas and their region of occurence relative to the sensing film are reported. The simulations' results for electrical measures for damaged hosts/substrates are compared with those due to undamaged hosts/ substrates, which show monotonicity with high degree of sensitivity to variations in the damage parameters. © The Author(s), 2010.