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Synchronous Software on Demand over the Internet - Opportunities for End Users, Software Manufactures and Online Providers

: Lukas, U. von; Schwabe, U.; Wojcik, L.

Baake, U.F.; Zobel, R.N.; Al-Akaidi, M.:
Concurrent Engineering in the Framework of IT Convergence. 7th European Concurrent Engineering Conference. ECEC 2000
Leicester, 2000
European Concurrent Engineering Conference (ECEC) <7, 2000, Leicester>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
software on demand; ASP Technologie; CORBA; Internet; trader; Software components

Using the Internet for searching and accessing software components "on Demand" will be a future market in the context of E-Business. By applying innovative approaches for modular and distributed software systems, we now can make this vision happen. After giving a short introduction into the topics, the paper presents a reference model for classifying various technical solutions - concentrating on computer graphics applications. This classification is used to describe the state of the art in online software distribution. It is followed by a research agenda - topics to be solved in order to have a complete framework for Software on Demand. The authors' concrete steps for implementing the frame-work are presented. The second part of the paper outlines the benefits for the different groups involved in this scenario: software vendors, service providers and end users. A case study of a small soft-ware company, starting to apply this technology will underline the practical focus of this paper.