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Ultralow friction of reciprocating systems lubricated by mesogenic fluids

: Amann, T.; Kailer, A.

Bartz, W.J. ; Technische Akademie Esslingen -TAE-:
Solving Friction and Wear Problems. 17th International Colloquium Tribology 2010. Book of Synopses : 19-21 January 2010, Ostfildern, Germany
Ostfildern: TAE, 2010
ISBN: 3-924813-80-9
ISBN: 978-3-924813-80-2
International Colloquium Tribology <17, 2010, Ostfildern>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
stick-slip; energy efficiency; steel slide bearing; mesogenic fluid; ultralow hydrodynamic friction; wear

Energy efficiency and reliability of systems is getting more and more important for technical applications today. This study focuses of the tribological and rheological behavior of mesogenic fluids (MF). Tribological systems that are lubri-cated with mesogenic fluids exhibit ultralow friction coefficients. For that purpose tribological experiments were performed using a reciprocating cylinder-on-disc test machine (SRV-III, Optimol Instruments). It is assumed that these specific mesogenic fluids induce elastohydrodynamic lubrication. This effect has been reproducibly observed in a reciprocating friction system after a certain running-in period which strongly depends of the viscosity value of the mesogenic fluid. The obtained results show, that ultralow friction coefficients (µ<0.005) can be realized within a broad temperature range. Aim of the present work was to study the influence of viscosity on the tribological behavior of a MF. A better understanding of the tribological behavior is essential for the development of efficient production routes and for the qualification of mesogenic lubricants for possible future applications.