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CAST Vehicle. Simulation tool for: - Vehicle traffic, - ground handling processes, - apron traffic

Presentation held at 6. MATHMOD Wien, 11. bis 13. Februar 2009, Technische Universität Wien, Österreich
: Laubrock, M.; Quick, A.

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2009, 30 Folien
Conference on Mathematical Modelling (MATHMOD) <6, 2009, Vienna>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IML ()
Flughafen Management; Vorfeld; Abfertigung; Verkehr; Simulation; Optimierung; Gestaltung; Infrastruktur; logistischer Prozess; Airport Management; ground handling apron; traffic; simulation; optimisation; design; infrastructure; logistical process

Permanent expansion of the airports within recent years led to a great demand for a capable simulation tool that supports in optimisation of infrastructure and solving problems with the growing ground handling traffic on airports.
Based on the requests from the aviation industry Fraunhofer IML, Fraport AG and Airport Research Center GmbH have developed a vehicle and ground handling simulation module for ARC´s existing CAST Simulation Technology.
CAST Vehicle is a new generation of simulation tool that allows for the first time to link logistical processes with vehicle based traffic. It provides special functions for modelling and evaluating the complete airside ground handling processes and traffic on airports. It enables the rapid evaluation of layout concepts and operational strategies. Besides the application on the strategic level the software can be used on a tactical and operational level in order to provide essential information for an improved airport management and support the control of the system as well. The super ordinate aim is to constantly reduce the cost of infrastructure and operations, guarantee safe operations, and reduce negative environmental impact.
An overview on the main components and functionalities of CAST Vehicle is given in the presentation from the user's point of view. The required integration of different sub-functions and algorithms are pointed out.