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Printed peptide arrays

Synthesis of high-density peptide arrays using laser printing
: Bischoff, Ralf; Güttler, Stefan

BioForum Europe 13 (2009), No.3, pp.30-31
ISSN: 1611-597X
ISSN: 1611-6038
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Array-Prozessor; Biochip; Biochipfertigung; Laserdrucktechnik; Peptidarray; Fertigung; Biotechnologie

Peptide arrays promise to advance biomedical research by providing the opportunity of massive parallel screening for binding partners. They can be used to discover both new medical entities as well as biomarkers of diagnostic relevance. Peptide arrays are predicted to be as important for proteomics as DNA arrays have been for the field of genomics so far, provided they are available in sufficient complexity at moderate costs. We developed a new production method based on laser printing which overcomes existing hurdles for broad use of peptide arrays.