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Lifetime prediction for advanced packaging based on physics of failure approaches on a micro and nano-scale

: Wunderle, B.; Dudek, R.; Vogel, D.; Michel, B.


11th International Symposium on Advanced Packaging Materials: Processes, Properties and Interfaces : 15 - 17 March 2006, Atlanta, GA
ISBN: 1-4244-0260-3
ISSN: 1550-5723
ISSN: 15505723
International Symposium on Advanced Packaging Materials <11, 2006, Atlanta>
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Lifetime prediction for advanced packaging faces two challenges in the future: lifetime models for the nano-domain (material level) and consistent methodologies for a system approach. Either must incorporate a physics of failure based concept as well as simulative and experimental procedures to analyse failure mechanisms and describe them theoretically on different length scales and level of complexity and along with the necessary degree of detail. This requires new analytical methods on an experimental and computational level on the nano-side of the approach, new complexity-reduction concepts for a physics of failure scale-zooming description on the system side. The paper focuses on new results in the field of failure detection and residual stress measurements on micro-and nano-structures of electronic packages along with different modelling approaches like finite element and force field methods. Based on SAC solders the influence of micro-structure on creep and fatigue performance is demonstrated. Approaches for lifetime models for system reliability are presented describing competing failure mechanisms and are exemplified for flip-chip assemblies and power transistor packages