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Process intelligence and performance management in the financial service industry - monitoring and controlling financial services business processes with ARIS PPM. Short Form

Process Intelligence und Performance Management in der Finanzdienstleistungsbranche - Monitoring und Controlling von Geschäftsprozessen mittels ARIS PPM. Kurzfassung
: Gsell, H.; Hüning, N.; Springer, U.

Dortmund: Fraunhofer ISST, 2009, 44 pp.
Fraunhofer ISST ()
process intelligence; performance management; finance industry

Companies are placing increasing emphasis on monitoring and controlling business processes to ensure efficient, effective processes and IT support. The high demands driving this trend require processes to be fast, trouble-free, low cost, and highly flexible - particularly in terms of their ability to adapt to changing conditions. As a result of these complex, interlinked, and sometimes conflicting requirements, organizations need to closely monitor their processes to ensure compliance with requirements and the ability to respond immediately to problems and dynamic changes. IT-supported tools used to monitor and control business processes tap into various corporate source systems, e.g., SCM and ERP systems. They make processes transparent and deliver insights into their performance. IDS S cheer offers such an IT system in the shape of ARIS Process Performance Manager. This study of process intelligence and performance management examined the performance of ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM), i.e., its strengths, weaknesses, and potential, in various system implementation phases, focusing on the financial services industry. ARIS PPM is a tool that forms part of ARIS Controlling Platform, which comprises ARIS Process Performance Manager, ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager, ARIS Process Event Monitor, and ARIS Dashboard.