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Nanosensors for label-free measurement of sodium ion fluxes of neuronal cells

: Gebinoga, M.; Silveira, L.; Cimalla, I.; Dumitrescu, A.; Kittler, M.; Lübbers, B.; Becker, A.; Lebedev, V.; Schober, A.


Scharff, P. ; European Materials Research Society -EMRS-:
E-MRS Spring Meeting 2009. Symposium M Bioinspired and Biointegrated Materials as New Frontiers Nanomaterials : Strasbourg, France, June 8-12, 2009
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2010 (Materials Science and Engineering. B 169.2010, Nr.1-3)
European Materials Research Society (EMRS Spring Meeting) <2009, Strasbourg>
Symposium M "Bioinspired and Biointegrated Materials as New Frontiers Nanomaterials" <2009, Strasbourg>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
assay technology; AlGaN/GaN; nanosensor; nondestructive measurement; label-free

Novel nanosensors based on aluminium gallium nitrides (AlGaN/GaN) high electron mobility transistors have been of high interest during the last years, especially for their electrical characteristics as open gate field effect transistors. These nanosensors provide a valuable tool for high content screening in drug discovery, cell monitoring and liquid analyses focusing on applications of electrochemical detection technology. Our own measurements with these sensors confirm their pH sensitivity and in addition the possibility of detection of other ions in aqueous media. These measurements deal with the reactions of NG 108-15 (mouse neuroblastoma × rat glioma hybrid) neuronal cells in response to different acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Our experimental approach shows some advantages. The first advantage is the label-free measurement of ion fluxes, and another advantage is the possibility non-destructively to estimate cell signals.