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A realtime ray casting system for voxel streams on the cell broadband engine

Ein Echtzeit-Ray-Casting-System für Voxel-Ströme auf der Cell-Broadband-Engine
: Fuetterling, V.; Lojewski, C.

Buchty, R.:
High-performance and hardware-aware computing : Proceedings of the First International Workshop on New Frontiers in High-Performance and Hardware-Aware Computing, HipHaC '08. Lake Como, Italy, November 2008. In conjunction with MICRO-41
Karlsruhe: Universitätsverlag Karlsruhe, 2008
ISBN: 978-3-86644-298-6
International Workshop on New Frontiers in High Performance and Hardware Aware Computing (HipHaC) <1, 2008, Como>
International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO) <41, 2008, Como>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

In this paper the authors introduce a volume rendering system designed for the Cell Broadband Engine that only requires a minimum of two voxel slices at a time to perform image synthesis of a volume data set for a fixed number of user defined views. This allows rendering volume data in a streaming fashion and makes it possible to overlap rendering with data acquisition. Imagine a screening line at the airport where luggage is examined with an x-ray machine. As luggage passes through the scanner multiple x-ray samples are taken from which 2D voxel slices are derived. These finally form a full volume data set that needs to be displayed for quick analysis. Traditional software volume rendering systems are impractical for such a task as they require the volume data set to be fully available for image synthesis and thus need to wait until the x-raying process has finished. This solution is better suited for the depicted situation and related problems as it is able to perform time-critical rendering in parallel with volume generation.