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CT angiography of peripheral arterial bypass grafts: Accuracy and time-effectiveness of quantitative image analysis with an automated software tool

: Keller, D.; Wildermuth, S.; Boehm, T.; Boskamp, T.; Mayer, D.; Schuster, H.L.; Marincek, B.; Alkadhi, H.


Academic radiology 13 (2006), No.5, pp.610-620
ISSN: 1076-6332
ISSN: 1878-4046
Journal Article
Fraunhofer MEVIS ()
agreement; algorithm; analysis; angiography; artificial intelligence; blood vessel prosthesis implantation; CT; data analysis; female; human; Information storage and retrieval; instrumentation; male; method; middle aged; pattern recognition; automated; quantitative image analysis; radiographic image enhancement; radiographic image interpretation; computer-assisted; radiography; radiology; reproducibility of results; research; saphenous vein; sensitivity and specificity; software; tomography; x-ray computed; Transplantation; treatment outcome