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AmI-based indoor emergency detection and avoidance

AmI-gestützte Notfallerkennung und -prävention im häuslichen Umfeld
: Nehmer, Jürgen; Rombach, H. Dieter

Information technology : it 50 (2008), No.1, pp.51-58
ISSN: 1611-2776
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()
distributed system; distributed application; real-time system; embedded system; software engineering; software architecture; domain engineering

Humans are getting permanently older. Age-related disabilities and diseases increase dramatically with growing age, and often force the respective persons to continue their life in nursing homes. Can ambient-intelligent technology help to extend a self-conducted life of elderly people in their own homes? This article attempts to provide answers to this question. We present the concept of an AmI-based assistance system which detects actual emergencies and tries to avoid their occurrence.