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Diffusion joining of silicon nitride ceramics

: Dahms, S.; Gemse, F.; Basler, U.; Martin, H.-P.; Triebert, A.


Estonian journal of engineering 15 (2009), No.4, pp.301-308
ISSN: 1736-6038
International Baltic Conference Engineering Materials& Tribology (BALTMATTRIB) <18, 2009, Tallinn>
Journal Article, Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
silicon nitride; ceramic SiC-foil; liquid-phase-sintering; diffusion joining; diffusion

High-temperature and wear-resistant ceramics require new joining technologies for manufacturing large-sized and complex components from segments with multi-functional characteristics. Special ceramic foils were developed (LPS-SiC foils Liquid-Phase-Sintering) for the joining of the non-oxide ceramics silicon nitride Si3N4. Different concentration of sinter additive in the foils has an influence on the sinter temperature. Pressure- and vacuum-tight joints could be produced through diffusion joining by means of adjusted foils, which show a strength high enough for application at the temperatures up to 16001700 °C.