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Automated 3D pre-vis for modern production

: Beales, Richard M.; Chakravarthy, Ajay; Hedtke, R.; Huther, W.; Jung, Christoph; Jung, Yvonne; Koutsoutos, S.; Yannopoulos, A.

International Broadcasting Convention -IBC-:
IBC 2009, International Broadcasting Convention. CD-ROM : Technical Papers, 10.09.-14.09.2009, Amsterdam
London, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9562331-0-3
8 pp.
International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) <2009, Amsterdam>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D animation; semantic modeling; ontology; content based video analysis; film production tool; pre-visualization

Hand-drawn storyboards have served the industry for decades and in recent years artist-created digital pre-vis animations have allowed directors, screenwriters and commissioners to 'see' their film long before the first scene is shot. However the nature of programmemaking is changing. Digital effects, mixed-reality production and now stereoscopic 3D are becoming mainstream. Blurring the distinction between production and post-production, they bring complex planning issues that leave linear pre-vis approaches wanting. This paper describes ANSWER, a new approach to the creative process of film production based on a symbolic notation system akin to a musical score. The notation populates a machine-processable semantic model, or ontology, of the director's creative intent, which in turn is used to automatically create lightweight 3D pre-vis animations. ANSWER is also integrated with DFT BONES Dailies, so that in post-production editors can quickly synchronise and compare pre-vised and actual footage.