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Korrosionsverhalten von Siliziumkarbid in Gleitbeanspruchung unter Wasserschmierung

: Krummhauer, O.; Presser, V.; Kailer, A.; Nickel, K.G.

Bührig-Polaczek, A. ; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde -DGM-, Fachausschuß Materialographie:
Fortschritte in der Metallographie : Vortragstexte der 43. Metallographie-Tagung, 16. - 18. September 2009 in Aachen
Frankfurt: Werkstoff-Informationsgesellschaft, 2009 (Praktische Metallographie, Sonderband 41)
ISBN: 978-3-88355-376-4
ISSN: 0343-3579
Metallographie-Tagung <43, 2009, Aachen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
SiC; Tribochemie; Tribokorrosion; TEM; FIB; ICP-OES

Silicon carbide is a potential material for water lubricated face seal applications. It exhibits enhanced wear behaviour in comparison to standard materials. Tribological exposure is usually accompanied by tribochemical reactions. Chemical changes and corrosion take place in the topmost layer of the component. The study of worn SiC surfaces under water lubrication and the chemical analysis of lubricants via ICP-OES allow conclusions to be drawn regarding the chemical solubility of tribochemical wear products ass well as the mechanical degradation. This study demonstrates how TEM foils prepared by FIB and investiigated by means of HR-TEM, EELS and EDX allow a deeper understanding of the tribochemical wear process.