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Searching plutonium from a travelling vehicle by neutron measurements

: Rosenstock, W.; Köble, T.; Hilger, P.; Engelen-Peter, J.

International Atomic Energy Agency -IAEA-, Wien:
Measures to prevent, intercept and respond to illicit uses of nuclear material and radioactive sources : Proceedings, International Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden, 7-11 May 2001
Wien: IAEA, 2002 (C&S Papers Series 12/P)
ISBN: 92-0-116302-9
International Conference on Security of Material <2001, Stockholm>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer INT ()
Plutonium-Nachweis; Suche; Nuklearmaterial; illegaler Nuklearhandel; nuklearer Terrorismus; Nuklearproliferation; mobiles Meßsystem; plutonium detection; search; special nuclear material; illicit nuclear trafficking; nuclear terrorism; nuclear proliferation; mobile monitoring unit

For search and detection of concealed nuclear material a conventional car has been equipped with a sensitive radiation measurement system. The results are displayed live on a handheld PC in the front of the car: Neutron intensities on the left and right side and gamma-measurement with GPS information. The typical measuring time is 1 second. When driving slowly (< 20 km/h) less than 500 g Pu are detected in houses clearly. Even passing faster still a rise in count rate was monitored for velocities up to 40 km/h. This system may be used to discover illicit trafficking of nuclear material and thus prohibit nuclear proliferation.