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Experimental demonstration of a suspended diffractively coupled optical cavity

: Edgar, M.P.; Barr, B.W.; Nelson, J.; Plissi, M.V.; Strain, K.A.; Burmeister, O.; Britzger, M.; Danzmann, K.; Schnabel, R.; Clausnitzer, T.; Brückner, F.; Kley, E.-B.; Tünnermann, A.


Optics Letters 34 (2009), No.20, pp.3184-3186
ISSN: 0146-9592
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
gravitational-wave detector; phase; interferometer

All-reflective optical systems are under consideration for future gravitational wave detector topologies. One approach in proposed designs is to use diffraction gratings as input couplers for Fabry-Perot cavities. We present an experimental demonstration of a fully suspended diffractively coupled cavity and investigate the use of conventional Pound-Drever-Hall length sensing and control techniques to maintain the required operating condition. (C) 2009 Optical Society of America