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Manufacturing of ceramic-metal composites using inmould labeling (GreenTaPIM)

Presentation held at MicroTechnology - Forum Innovations for Industry 20.-24.04.09 Hannover
Keramik-Metall Werkstoffverbunde über Folienhinterspritzen
: Baumann, A.; Lenk, R.; Tassilo, M.

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Created on: 26.11.2009

2009, 30 Folien
Forum Innovations for Industry <2009, Hannover>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
GreenTaPIM; Metall Keramik; Folienhinterspritzen; inmould labeling

The project GreenTaPIM combined tape casting and injection moulding to manufacture metal-ceramic-components. Therefor adjusted steel and Zro2 powdermaterials were developed. Both aspects were applicated in two patents. The development of manufacturing route contained the 3d-modification of green tapes and an integrated handling concept. The feasibility was demonstrated by two case studies. Prefabricated Tapes are semi finished products that can be manufactured automated in large scale. In combination with pim they allow to realize surfaces or interlayers with extremly high aspect ratios. So it becomes possible to create thin functional and microstructured surfaces on injection moulded components. Prefabrication and Separation of green tapes can easily be automated. Geometrically stru ctured Multilayers can be implemented with functions as they are electrically conductiv/non conductiv or magnetic/non magnetic. Moulding machine and tool needs just one injection unit and a handlingsystem can automate process steps as they are insert the tape into mould and remove component from mould. But of course the precondition is to adjust binder and powder material at process and at each other.