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Methods and tools for the future factory and production systems planning

: Sihn, W.; Briel, R. von

Al-Akaidi, M. ; Society for Modeling and Simulation International -SCS-:
4th Middle East Symposium on Simulation and Modeling, MESM 2002 : September 28-30, 2002, Sharjah, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Ghent: SCS Europe, 2002
ISBN: 90-77039-09-0
Middle East Symposium on Simulation and Modeling (MESM) <4, 2002, Sharjah, UAE>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Factory Planning Table; continuous structure planning; digital factory; Planungstisch; planning tool; Fertigungssystem; Anlagenplanung

The problem of significant increase of market turbulence has been discussed by many authors who however don't even try to differentiate this general concept. In this paper, the causes for turbulences will be presented based on an enterprise survey. This survey implies that the strategies for turbulence control are not sustainable strategies, explicitly at the level of control and single order. Therefore, the structures and process flows in the enterprise must be continuously adapted in order to forecast the market turbulence and thus to increase the transformability of the enterprise. This, however, can only be possible if processes of production system planning undergo a fundamental pradigm shift and organizational structure and deployed technologies are improved. Thereby, the once project-oriented character of Factory Planning must give way to its continuous character. In this paper, new approaches to the Digital Factory, in particular the Planning Desk as tool for the concept planning and the Laser Scanner as a tool for the analysis of the actual state, will be integrated in the planning chain of the Digital Factory and the application fields. Potentials for further development will also be addressed.