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Application of multichannel impulse response measurement to automotive audio

: Strauß, M.J.; Vries, D. de

Audio Engineering Society -AES-:
125th Audio Engineering Society convention 2008. Proceedings. Vol.2 : October 2 - 5, 2008, San Francisco, California, USA
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-605-60712-2
Audio Engineering Society (Convention) <125, 2008, San Francisco/Calif.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IDMT ()
akustische Welle; Fahrzeuginnenraum; Impulsantwort; Lautsprechersystem; Mehrkanalübertragung; Raumakustik; räumliche Anordnung; Schallfeld; Tonwiedergabetechnik; zeitliche Abstimmung

Audio reproduction in small enclosures holds a couple of differences in comparison to conventional room acoustics. Today's car audio systems meet sophisticated expectations but still the automotive listening environment delivers critical acoustic properties. During the design of such an audio system it is helpful to gain insight into the temporal and spatial distribution of the acoustic field's properties. Because room acoustic modeling software reaches its limits the use of acoustic imaging methods can be seen as a promising approach. This paper describes the application of wave field analysis based on a multichannel impulse response measurement in an automotive use case. Besides a suitable preparation of the theoretical aspects, the analysis method is used to investigate the acoustic wave field inside a car cabin.