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Das intelligente Haus - neue Technologien, neue Funktionen, neue Produkte und Chancen

: Scherer, K.

Röhrl, E. ; Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum -SKZ-, Würzburg:
4. Internationaler Kunstoff-Fenster-Kongress 2002 : zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 9001
Würzburg: SKZ, 2002
pp.III D/2-III D/9
Internationaler Kunststoff-Fenster-Kongress <4, 2002, Würzburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Zukunftsforschung; intelligentes System; Haustechnik

The internet has shown us the enormous synergy potential of the fundamental principle "networking". Home banking, home shopping as so called "smart tele-services" have become reality now. The basic idea of the intelligent house concept is, to have an internal network ("intranet") bringing together all the date from sensors, actuators, appliances, PCs, TV, white goods and also smart windows under control like the internet does it in the external area. When this internal network in homes, offices and workshops is connected also to the internet, a platform for a variety of new smart functions, services and benefis comes up. Examples for local smart functions are room temperature control depending on real user needs, smart management of electric energy bringing in balanced relation the energy requirements of the applicances and the actual spot prices of the energy supplier, teleservices for handicapped people (tele care) and also smart conditioning of light air parameters by smart networked windows with motor control, air, light and humidity sensors, controlled shutters and glasses. Smart Windows in smart houses of the future can be a big chance for a totally new market of products and services for producers, service providers and handcrafters.