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Direct sampling for microwell plates

Smart ways of biological liquid processing
: Traube, Andreas; Brode, Tobias; Reis, Christian

BioForum Europe 13 (2009), No.7/8, pp.34-36
ISSN: 1611-597X
ISSN: 1611-6038
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Probenhandling; Liquid Handling; Pipettieren; Biotechnologie; Prozeßautomatisierung; Flüssigkeit

One of the basic steps in the field of bioprocess engineering is the handling of liquids. The processing of those media as well as the cleaning of the dosing system is an important time, cost and quality factor for conventional systems. The Fraunhofer IPA developed a method that avoids this extensive process. This method allows a fast, cost-effective and flexible accomplishment due to a compact device, which performs the majority of the pipetting steps fully automated.