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Tailoring educational elements for academic teaching - The JurMOO

: Nett, B.; Huber, B.; Knirsch, S.; Meyer, L.; Remmele, B.; Röhr, F.; Schinzel, B.; Stingl, B.

Boyd, E.:
IS 2002. Proceedings of the Informing Science + IT Education Conference : June 19-21, 2002 Cork, Ireland
Cork, 2002
ISSN: 1535-0703
13 pp.
Informing Science + IT Education Conference (IS) <2002, Cork>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer FIT ()
tailoring; education; computer and law; gender mainstreaming; constructive; practice

The RION project (financed by BMBF) aims at improving Computer & Law (C&L) teaching in Germany while implementing Web-based media. For the fluid and interdisciplinary field of C&L, educational material is very scarce. Furthermore, educational cultures differ according to the divers affiliations of C&L. Therefore, the RION platform will present a variety of documents online, which have not been accessible an the Web before.
However, publishing law collections online can only be one step to improve C&L teaching. Therefore, RION is trying to develop a didactical conception for the new platform, the main focus being an cooperative, practice-oriented learning and gender mainstreaming. Due to the diversity and the constraints given in the project, the RION team does not look for the "ideal platform", but instead tries to tailor promising elements of possible C&L online learning. In this text, the example of JurMOO, which we tested in C&L teaching, is used to demonstrate this.