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Oxygen selective ceramic hollow fiber membranes for partial oxidation of methane

: Wang, H.; Feldhoff, A.; Caro, J.; Schiestel, T.; Werth, S.


AIChE journal 55 (2009), No.10, pp.2657-2664
ISSN: 0001-1541
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGB ()

A BaCoxFeyZrzO3-delta (BCFZ) perovskite hollow fiber membrane was used to construct reactors for the partial oxidation of methane (POM) to syngas. The performance of the BCFZ fibers in the POM was studied (i) without any catalyst, (ii) with catalyst-coated fibers, and (iii) with catalyst packed around the fibers. In addition to the performance in the POM, the stability of the BCFZ hollow fiber membranes was investigated for the different catalyst arrangements. Best stability of the BCFZ hollow fiber membrane reactor in the POM could be obtained if the reforming catalyst is placed behind the oxygen permeation zone. It was found that a direct contact of the catalyst and the fiber must be avoided which could be achieved by coating the fiber with a gold film.