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Development of catalytic metal filters for the simultaneous removal of organic compounds and particulate matter from EAF fumes

Development of catalytic metal filters for the simultaneous removal of organic compounds and particulate matter from EAF fumes. Entwicklung eines katalytischen Metallfilters für die gleichzeitige Entfernung von organischen Verbindungen und Stoffteilchen aus den Abgasen der Lichtbogenöfen
: Chaucherie, X.; Louer, P. le; Segondy, A.; Lebrun, D.; Oonk, H.; Heslinga, D.C.; Andersen, O.

Luxemburg: Amt für Amtliche Veröffentlichungen der EG, 2009, 111 pp.
Report of the Commission of the European Communities - EUR, Technical steel research, 23737
ISBN: 978-92-79-11115-0
Reportnr.: KI-NA-23737-EN-S
Fraunhofer IFAM, Institutsteil Pulvermetallurgie und Verbundwerkstoffe Dresden ()
Elektrostahlherstellung; Lichtbogenofen; Rauchgas; Hochtemperatur; Rauchgasreinigung; Bestandteil; Staub; organische Verbindung; Schadstoff; Entfernen; Abgasfilter; nichtrostender Stahl; Neuentwicklung; Versuchsanlage; Versuchsdurchführung; Langzeitprüfung; thermische Stabilität; Chrom-Aluminium-Stahl

The aim of this project was to develop new catalytic media filters in order to remove at high temperature dust and organic compounds from the fourth hole of an electric arc furnace (EAF). Such a filtration could improve the cost-efficiency of dedusting equipment by reducing the energy needed for cooling fumes and simplifying the layout of the dedusting device. A major aspect of this project was the development and the laboratory testing of new catalytic filtering media composed mainly of FeCrAl alloys. Among the large combination of materials tested, the most promising seems to be metal fibres treated by reactive vapour. Cartridge devices of such media have been developed and tested on an electric arc furnace. Four months of tests were carried out connecting a pilot unit on the exhaust gas stream of an EAF in a steel plant. The results achieved show that the media can reduce organic emissions from the furnace, but some improvement should be made in the manufacturing of the cartridges in order to reduce side effects, such as clogging of the media. For new developments in industry, an industrial pilot unit will be necessary to optimise several components of the system and to test these components for a longer period.