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The Biotech Equipment and Supplies Sector in Europe - is it European?

: Reiß, T.; Wörner, S.

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Journal of biotechnology (2002), No.98, pp.41-51
ISSN: 0168-1656
ISSN: 1389-0352
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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biotechnology; equipment; supply; innovation system; Europe

Socio-economic research on biotechnology is dealing mainly with the sectors of biopharmaceuticals, agro-food or environmental technologies. In contrast, the equipment and supplies sector seems to be largely ignored. This is surprising because this sector provides important input in terms of technology and material for the development of biotechnology in general. Our comparative analysis of the sector in eight countries indicates that there exists no specefic science base for the sector and that it is largely neglected by public research funding. Commercial activities are concentrated in countries with a large general science base in biotechnology and strong multinational pharmaceutical or chemical companies. There is a rather broad diversity in the way the sector has developed in the eight countries. Our data support the notion that national peculiarities seem dominant for explaining this picture. We anticipate growing business opportunities for European firms to step into large markets of equipment and supplies for functional genomics and protein analysis where Europe maintains a strong science base.