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Cleaner production management for metal working industries as example of metal pickling waste-water

Quan lý san xuât sach trong ngành công nghiêp thép : môt ví du dôi vói nuóc thai tù quá trình tôi kim loai
: Gehrke, I.; Keuter, V.

Journal of Geology. Series B 49 (2009), No.33, pp.76-83
ISSN: 0866-7381
ISSN: 1859-0659
International Workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management in Nam Dinh Province <2009, Nam Dinh>
Journal Article, Conference Paper
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
metallic mordant; waste water; membrane filtration; pilot plant; recycling; cleaner production (CP); Metallbeize; Abwasser; Membranfiltration; Versuchsanlage; Verwertung; Produktionsmanagement

This article presents a general overview of cleaner production (CP) methods for pickling processes. An example of a successfully implemented membrane plant for recycling spent pickling liquor is given.