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Case-based reasoning

: Althoff, K.-D.

Chang, S.-K.:
Handbook of software engineering & knowledge engineering. Vol.1: Fundamentals
Singapore: World Scientific, 2001
ISBN: 981-02-4973-X
pp.549-587 : Ill., Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()
process model; knowledge model; organizational model; knowledge container model; case-based classification; case-based diagnosis; decision support; knowledge management; case-based reasoning technology; application development; evaluation

Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is an Artificial Intelligence approach to learning and problem solving based on past experience. CBR combines aspects from the knowledge-based systems as well as from the machine learning field. In this chapter we present the main characteristics of CBR technology, describe the main CBR subtasks and methods, and the main underlying principles. CBR is presented more from the user and usage point of view: We consider different application types, survey CBR applications up to now, and briefly present methodologies for developing and evaluating CBR systems. Finally, important issues concerning the past, present, and future of CBR overview the field for the reader. A huge number of references supports the reader with information where to get more detailed technical descriptions on various CBR related topics of interest.