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IDEALS - user adaptable distance courses on demand

: Mengel, M.

Verrue, R.:
4th European Digital Cities Conference 1998. Proceedings. Changing Patterns of Urban Life : 29-30 October 1998, Salzburg
Bruxelles: EDC, 1998
European Digital Cities Conference <4, 1998, Salzburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
telematics based teaching; training; courseware; SME; task oriented; usability; higher education

The increase power and efficiency of today's and of near future's information technology gives the opportunity for new application in the education and training sector. But still traditional oriented seminar and course based education dominate this area. Conceptual restrictions of current IT-based teaching and training systems and high initial production expenses for courseware material limit their acceptance. Additionally, addressing a wide range of users and long term applications is not supported sufficiently. Such focus serves as a basis for an efficient use and a wide acceptance of IT-based teaching and training.
This presentation describes an approach, which aimes at availability, effectiveness and long term use of courseware. In parallel, an efficient creation, re- and multiple use of courseware is supported. In order to achieve these objectives, the modular concept for courseware structure used within IDEALS is introduced. Based on this concept of modular courseware a task-oriented process of courseware creation is described to support an efficient way of creating modular courseware. The realisation of the concept of modular courseware combined with the authoring tools, developed in the IDEALS, will then be presented. This realisation uses WWW distribution and presentation capabilities to enable an easy access. The authoring environment uses JAVA technology to allow a homogeneous integration into this WEB-based System.