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Paraffin in water emulsion as heat transfer and storage medium

: Huang, L.; Pollerberg, C.; Dötsch, C.

Swedvac, the Swedish Society of HVAC Engineers, Stockholm; International Energy Agency -IEA-, Paris:
Effstock 2009. Thermal energy storage for efficiency and sustainability. Abstract book & proceedings : 11th International Conference on Thermal Energy Storage, June 14-17 2009 Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm: Swedvac, the Swedish Society of HVAC Engineers, 2009
ISBN: 978-91-976271-3-9
8 pp.
International Conference on Thermal Energy Storage <11, 2009, Stockholm>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
paraffin; oil-in-water emulsion (ow emulsion); latent heat storage; property; phase change material (PCM); phase change slurry (PCS); cold storage; distribution; rheology; application; Öl-in-Wasser-Emulsion (O/W-Emulsion); Latentwärmespeicher; Eigenschaft; Phasenübergangsmaterial; Schlamm; Kältespeicher; Verteilung; Rheologie; Anwendung

A Phase Change Slurry (PCS) is a multifunctional fluid consisting of a Phase Change Material (PCM) and a carrier fluid. PCSs can store or transfer amounts of thermal energy by using both the sensible heat capacity of the carrier fluid and PCM as well as the latent heat capacity of the PCM. Fraunhofer UMSICHT has investigated three types of paraffin in water emulsions as PCS with different phase transition temperatures: CryoSolplus 6, CryoSolplus 10 and CryoSolplus 20. CryoSolplus 6 is foreseen for air-conditioning applications with a freezing peak point at 6 °C, CryoSolplus 10 for cooling of buildings with a freezing peak point at 10 °C and CryoSolplus 20 for increasing the thermal mass of building components with a freezing peak point of 20 °C. The different fields of applications have different requirements on the properties of the emulsions. How to meet these requirements is discussed in the following paper.