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Decomposition in HTPB bonded HMX followed by heat generation rate and chemiluminescence

: Käser, F.; Bohn, M.A.


Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 96 (2009), No.3, pp.687-695
ISSN: 1418-2874
ISSN: 1388-6150
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The decomposition in HTPB bonded HMX was characterized with two highly sensitive methods: heat flow microcalorimetry (HFMC) and Chemiluminescence (CL). The material is stabilized with a phenolic antioxidant. The heat generation (HFMC) rate was determined from 120 to 150 A degrees C using a TAM (TM) microcalorimeter and the oxidation of the substance was followed by the CL emission between 100 and 140 A degrees C directly from the solid state sample. The end of antioxidant activity results in both measurements sets in characteristic changes in the curves. Kinetic parameters were calculated applying Arrhenius parameterization for the times to the end of antioxidant activity and by applying modelling with an autocatalytic model extended by a side reaction, which is assigned to the antioxidant consumption. The evaluation with the characteristic times gives good agreement between the two methods; the modelling represents the different but supplementing probing of the two measurement methods.