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High resolution applications in nondestructive testing

: Uhlmann, N.; Nachtrab, F.; Salamon, M.; Burtzlaff, S.; Fuchs, T.; Hanke, R.


IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society:
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, NSS/MIC 2008. Vol.1 : Dresden, Germany, 19 - 25 October 2008; Including 16th Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop (RTSD) and special focus workshops
Piscataway/NJ: IEEE, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4244-2714-7
ISBN: 978-1-4244-2715-4
Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS) <2008, Dresden>
Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) <2008, Dresden>
Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop (RTSD) <16, 2008, Dresden>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS ()

Radioscopy and computed tomography in medical applications are well established and have reached a high level of development. Compared to medical applications industrial non destructive-testing (NDT) has to deal with a large variety of different materials and material combinations, densities and density dynamics, geometries and structures which need to be inspected. This large variation necessitates the use and intelligent combination of different system components like detectors, manipulation systems and x-ray tubes to set up specialized inspection systems for different applications to fulfil the high demands of the customer. A good example for the variation of inspected materials and the variety of demands on the inspection systems is aerospace industry. Upcoming new lightweight materials for aircraft construction like carbon composites with low densities and low Z with short penetration lengths make high demands on the inspection system according to contrast sensitivity and system resolution. On the other hand high density and high absorbing materials combined with parts of large aspect ratios like aircraft engine parts also make high demands on the system according to dynamic range, spatial resolution in combination with penetrability. Dependent upon the field in different industry branches the demands vary from fast inline inspection to slow and very precise high resolution and from low absorbing to very high absorbing materials. In this paper we show typical equipment for fulfilling the demands on high resolution applications and give an overview of typical application fields.