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Logistical positioning in a turbulent environment

: Wiendahl, H.-H.; Roth, N.; Westkämper, E.


CIRP Annals. Manufacturing Technology 51 (2002), No.1, pp.383-386
ISSN: 0007-8506
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
PPC design; Production Planning and Control (PPC); Turbulentes Umfeld; Logistik; Fertigungsplanung; Fertigungssteuerung

To describe the new challenges for manufacturing companies in Production Planning and Control (PPC) the term 'turbulence' is increasingly used. An analysis of the diffculties in PPC shows the similarities to phenomena known from physics. The aim of this article is to describe these phenomena qualitatively and quantitatively and to exploit the resulting findings for the design of PPC and the logistical positioning.