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Gallium nitride MMICs for mm-wave power operation

: Quay, R.; Maroldt, S.; Haupt, C.; Heijningen, M. van; Tessmann, A.

Frequenz 63 (2009), No.3-4, pp.51-54
ISSN: 0016-1136
ISSN: 2191-6349
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
MMIC; gallium nitride; wide bandgap semiconductor; HPA; mm-wave; power added efficiency

In this paper a Gallium Nitride MMIC technology for high-power amplifiers between 27 GHz and 101 GHz based on 150 nm- and 100 nm-gate technologies is presented. The GaN HEMT MMICs are designed using coplanar waveguide transmission-line-technology on 3-inch semi-insulating SiC substrates. The measured output power of several dual-stage GaN HPA MMICs amounts to 33-34 dBm at 27-28 GHz with a reproducible measured small-signal gain of 10 dB. Optimized GaN test structures matched to 27 GHz provide a maximum PAE of 28 % with an associate output power of 2 W/mm at 27 GHz in cw-operation. In pulsed operation with 10 % duty-cycle, a PAE level of >35% is achieved with a power density of 4.5 W/mm, again at 27 GHz. GaN HEMT MMICs at 60 GHz provide gain levels of >6 dB per amplifier stage, while a MIMIC at 101 GHz reaches 3.2 dB of gain.