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Augmented reality for construction tasks: Doorlock assembly

: Reiners, D.; Stricker, D.; Klinker, G.; Müller, S.

Behringer, U.; Klinker, G.; Mizell, D.W.:
Augmented Reality. Placing artificial objects in real scenes. Proceedings of IWAR 1998 : The First International Workshop on Augmented Reality held in conjunction with the annual conference on User Interface Software Technology
Natick, Mass.: Peters, 1999
ISBN: 1-56881-098-9
International Workshop on Augmented Reality (IWAR) <1, 1998, San Francisco/Calif.>
Conference on User Interface Software Technology (UIST) <1998, San Francisco/Calif.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
application; augmented reality; tracking

Augmented Reality is a technology that integrates pictures of virtual objects into images of the real world. Besides the technical problems still to be solved, for industry, to be interested in this technology the additional amount of work needed to use the technology in relation to the benefit has to be visible. Furthermore, the question how this integrates into the information technology infrastructure of the company is important. This paper describes an Augmented Reality demonstrator for the task of doorlock assembly into a car door that was developed tryind to create a practical, realistic application that can transport the concept behind Augmented Reality to a casual observer. To reach that goal, a new fast and robust optical tracking algorithm was developed and integrated into a three-dimensional animation and rendering system, creating a real-time fully three-dimensional HMD-based training application showing how to assemble the doorlock into the door. The system was demonstrated to the general public at the Hannover Industrial Fair 1998 and this demonstration of Augmented Reality to a large non-expert audience created a lot of interest into this new area.