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From population relevant endpoints to biomarkers

A testing strategy for EDCs. Presentation held at the 12th SETAC Europe Meeting. Vienna, May 2002
: Wenzel, A.; Teigeler, M.; Schäfers, C.

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2002, 15 pp.
SETAC Europe (Meeting) <12, 2002, Vienna>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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- Testing strategy needed for substances with suspected endocrine disrupting activity (example: estrogenicity)
- Different test designs under discussion: Fish full life cycle (population relevant effects); Short term tests (predictive?)
- Comparison of effects in:
Life cycle tests with Danio rerio: EE2, BPA, OP, GEN (life performance endpoints, vitellogenin, histology);
14 d exposure adult Danio rerio, BPA: vitellogenin;
14 d exposure juvenile Danio rerio, BPA: vitellogenin