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Investigations and applications of laser-arc hybrid welding with the "integrated nozzle"

: Petring, D.; Fuhrmann, C.; Wolf, N.; Poprawe, R.

Poprawe, R. ; Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Lasertechnik -WLT-:
Lasers in Manufacturing 2003 : Proceedings of the Second International WLT-Conference on Lasers in Manufacturing 2003
München: AT-Verlag, 2003
ISBN: 3-00-011673-7
International Conference on Lasers in Manufacturing <2, 2003, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILT ()
laser-arc hybrid welding; process design; welding heat; steel; aluminium; 2D and 3D application

Laser-arc hybrid welding processes are meanwhile recognised for their robustness, efficiency and flexibility. Especially the coupling of a deep-penetrating laser beam with the heat and molten metal supplying gas metal arc (GMA) is a proven hybrid technique. It significantly expands the original welding application range of lasers. The "Integrated Nozzle" is a consequent hybrid solution of Fraunhofer ILT with successful industrial implementations sine the year 2000. It reliably avoids air entrainment into the interaction zone, ensures proper propagation and coupling of laser and arc and enables a compact and slender welding head design. Actual versions of this key component for hybrid systems and results of investigations and applications in steel and aluminum with CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers are presented.