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Simulation, characterization, construction and manufacturing of small fuel cell systems for low power applications

: Hebling, C.; Oedegaard, A.; Schmitz, A.; Groos, U.; Zedda, M.; Schumacher, J.O.; Hakenjos, A.; Bilsing, A.; Kauffmann, A.; Bresseler, B.; Richter, M.; Schwan, M.; Hahn, R.; Schoening, S.; Maurieschat, U.; Wagner, W.

United States, Department of Energy -DOE-, Washington/D.C.; United States, Corps of Engineers:
Fuel cells - reliable, clean energy for the world. Abstracts : November 18 - November 21, 2002, Palm Springs, California, Palm Springs Convention Center, 2002 Fuel Cell Seminar
Washington: Courtesy Associates, 2002
Fuel Cell Seminar <2002, Palm Springs/Calif.>
Conference Paper
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