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A novel airlift photobioreactor with baffles for improved light utilization through the flashing light effect

: Degen, J.; Uebele, A.; Retze, A.; Schmid-Staiger, U.; Trösch, W.


Journal of biotechnology 92 (2001), No.2, pp.89 - 94
ISSN: 0168-1656
ISSN: 1389-0352
Journal Article
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A newly developed flat panel airlift photobioreactor with a defined circulation path was tested for microalgal culture. The bioreactor exposed the cells to intermittent light to improve the efficiency of light utilization through the flashing-light effect. During batch cultures in the new photobioreactor, the biomass productivity of Chlorella vulgaris was 1.7 times greater than in a randomly mixed bubble column of identical dimension. A reduction in light path from 30 to 15 mm increased the biomass productivity by 2.5-fold. A maximum dry biomass productivity of 0.11 g l(-1)h(-1) was obtained at an artificial illumination of 980 muE m(-2) s(-1).