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Transgenic rice. An ideal experimental system for fundamental science and applications

: Christou, P.

Lupotto, E. ; Fondazione per le Biotecnologie:
ricEUconf. Dissemination conference of current European research on rice 2002. Book of abstracts : June 6-8, 2002
Torino, 2002
Dissemination Conference of Current European Research on Rice <2002, Torino>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IME ()
transgenic cereals; rice; transgene expression; transgene organisation; genetically

The genetic manipulation of cereals is a key objective of both fundamental and applied research. This reflects the importance of cereals as major food crops as well as the emergence of rice in particular as a relevant model in functional genomics. In this presentation we will discuss recent findings in our laboratory that exemplify how fundamental investigations using rice allowed us to develop outputs that can address major constraints in crop productivity.