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Theoretical researches, computer simulations and experimental investigations of waveguide acoustooptical correlators for photonic systems

: Jensen, A.S.; Paap, K.-L.; Klaassen, B.; Sobolev, A.G.; Epikhin, E.N.; Kvasha, M.Y.; Masalsky, N.V.; Volkov, V.A.

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Sankt Augustin: GMD Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik, 1998, 28 pp.
GMD Report, 11
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer AIS ( IAIS) ()

The modern methods of optical information processing allow to solve the problems of fast computing of the following mathematical operation: Laplace and Fourier transforms, correlation, etc. The above mentioned procedures can be realised by planar acoustooptical devices. 3D image reconstruction, processing of particle image velocimetry images, and more general spatial and temporal optical flows can be solved by using a local correlating technique based on 1D correlation. This work deals with design and development of time integrated acoustooptical correlator used for real time video signal processing for project. INTAS-93-3352. Analyses of waveguide acoustooptical Bragg (WAOB) cell and optical scheme of the correlator, computer simulations and experimental investigations of the experimental sample of the correlator have been done.

The paper is organized as follows:
1.The waveguide acoustooptical correlator scheme selection.
2.Engineering calculation of opto-electronical scheme of the correlator
3.Technological research of fabrication methods
4.Waveguide acoustooptical correlator experimental sample investigations.
5.Model of the time-integrating waveguide acoustooptical correlator
6.Results of computer experiments

This work has been supported by a European Union INTAS project, RISOE National Laboratory (Denmark), GMD (Germany) and IHPCS RAS (Russia).